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The Pit Special is a fast-falling RW suit that takes its name [Pitts Special] from the aerobatic aircraft that is known for its competitive skills. It was also named because it was the first suit to have a tighter armpit, as the suits before were considerably baggy.

This suit has been our most popular RW suit since its first creation over 20 years ago. It has been selected by most gold medalist teams, including Arizona Airspeed, the 2009 World 4-Way Champions.

Fabric Selection

The Pit Special differs from the other RW suits because of its complete spandex back. This creates a fully fitted suit with a wide range of movement.

Standard fabric selections for this suit are slick nylon for the front and supplex or 4-ply for the legs.

The forearms can be made with spandex, supplex, or 4-ply depending on the desired fall-rate.

Cordura is the most popular fabric for the booties because this includes covering the knees, which is important area to protect from wear over time.

Ballistic is a stiffer, heavier material and is reported to be more responsive in the air.

The mesh lined front is a popular option if the front is made of a slick nylon because the mesh separates the nylon from the body. Which keeps it cooler in the heat, and acts as insulation when the temperature is cold.

Unsure if the Pit Special is the right suit for your fall rate? Contact the Ranch PROshop for our opinion.

The Pit Special

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Pit Special Features

Base Soles

The BASE soles are heavy duty studded rubber pads that are attached to the normal leather bootie.

Grip Options

  • Pinstripes can be ordered with the traditional diagonal stripe, or as a single, vertical pinstripe down the middle of the grip.

  • Sure grip: a 'grippy' fabric is used on back of grips for a stronger finger hold

  • 2-color grip: different color front/back

Mesh Lined Front

If selecting the color white for the front, lining it with mesh will prevent it from being see-through. The mesh lining also enables air flow to cool you down in the heat and adds an extra layer of warmth in colder climates


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