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We are located 1/2 mile from Skydive The Ranch in Gardiner, NY. We have been in business since 2002 and offer everything under the sun for skydiving.

Kamura "Sonic" Bayrasli owner Ranch PROshop
Kamuran 'Sonic' Bayrasli
Master Rigger
S&TA, AFF-I, PRO Rating

Kamuran, aka SONIC, is the “owner” of The Ranch PROshop. He has been skydiving since 1992 and has about 7000 skydives. Sonic has been rigging since 1999 and has 3000+ reserve pack jobs and almost 150 saves. He has also received his Master rigging ticket in 2005 to be added to his other ratings; AFF, Tandem, PRO rated, S&T A. So, if you have any questions, just ask for Sonic.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 7.53.27 AM.png
Erin Engelsen
Senior Rigger
AFF Instructor

Donna & Sonic's favorite!! Winner of the Ches Judy Award for safety.  The head AFF instructor and one of the riggers here at PROshop. With over 3,000 skydives, she loves teaching newbies how to fly. 

Donna Bayrasli

Donna, aka Llama, is the “Boss”, and she doesn’t let anybody forget it. Donna started jumping in 1994 and accumulated almost 1,000 jumps before she hung up her booty suit. You can find Donna at the PROshop on the weekends selling T-shirts to the tandems students and measuring people for suits. If you need someone to shoot ground video, my Llama is the person for the job.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 7.57.37 AM.png
Eric Junge
Senior Rigger
Tandem Master, AFF Instructor and IT Manager

Not only a rigger at the PROshop, but also head of the IT department. You want to do AFF, tandem or fun jump, TE (Tall Eric) is your guy!

Gear Rental


  • USPA A License, stamped proficiency card, or international equivalent.

  • Signed logbook to show proof of currency.

  • Weigh under 220 lbs

  • To be current under the license you hold


  • First time rental briefing if have only used 'Student Gear' and not 'Sport Gear' $50

  • Full System: $50 for one jump, $90 for two jumps, 3 or more for the full day is $120

  • Canopy Only: $25 for a jump, $40 for two or $50 for the full day (3+ jumps)

  • Container with out main: $30 a jump, $50 for two jumps or $80 for the full day (3+ jumps)

Our rental fleet consists of Infinity, Vector, Icon and Javelin container/harness systems. Canopies ranging in sizes from 230 down to 170 sq feet. We offer the choice of demoing the Performance Designs' Sabre 3, Icarus' S Fire or Aerodyne's Pilot in these sizes. Our rentals are strictly on a first come, first serve basis.

Rigging Services

  • Inspect and Repack                                              $100

  • Rigs with RSL MARDs Add                                   $20

  • Four Year Cypres Service                                     $220

  • Vigil Battery Service                                              $210

  • Main Canopy Inspection                                      $35

  • Main Canopy Pack Job                                          $15

  • Assemble main or reserve                                   $35

  • Wash Rig                                                                 $150

  • Replace BOC Pouch                                              $95

  • Reline - lines, assembly and inspection            $550 - $625

  • Replace Lower Control Lines                              $50

  • Replace Upper and Lower Control Lines          $100

  • Basic Patch                                                             $50-$70

  • Patch Across Seam                                               $75-$95

  • Stitch Canopy                                                         $5-$10

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