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MSRP $2,250 USD


The IBEX is our lightweight / low-bulk wingsuit BASE canopy. It is equipped with two Mini-Vents, which are a standard option. The IBEX is designed specifically for wingsuit BASE jumpers for whom low-volume is a main priority.


Our mission for the IBEX was to create a canopy that delivers progressive openings, solid glide performance, and nimble handling. The IBEX is the result of a wide collaboration between Squirrel engineers, team pilots, and partners with many decades of combined para-foil design, construction, and testing experience. We think the two bottom surface mini-vents, which are included standard, provide just the right amount of inflow during the opening sequence and make this a highly versatile canopy.

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The IBEX main surfaces and ribs are made from Porcher Sport PN9*, widely considered to be the highest quality ultralight low porosity parachute fabric available today. The IBEX was load tested by Para-Test of Switzerland at above max load in slider on and slider off configurations.


*The Ozone workshop purchases PN9 cloth in massive quantities, which means that we can include extra options in the IBEX for free and still pass on a fair price to our customers.



The 725lb Spectra line option is ideal for wingsuit pilots who put priority on weight, performance, and low-volume. Spectra lines are available in white only. In the Dacron option, a blend of 400/525lb lines yields an excellent balance of durability and opening behavior for a wider range of uses, including tracking and slick jumps. Dacron lines are available in black only, with the exception of the steering lines which come in white only.


It is important to choose the line material that is best suited to the type of jumping that you do most commonly. Spectra lines offer the lowest weight and highest performance, but we only recommend Spectra to wingsuit jumpers who understand how to adjust their airspeed before opening. If you do not flare your wingsuit before opening, then any parachute with Spectra lines and bottom surface vents will open abruptly. Please contact us for consultation on the best line material for you, if you are unsure.




The Squirrel test team worked hard to perfect the relationship between opening, glide performance, and deep-brakes behavior in the IBEX. The profile that we chose has a long track record of reliable performance, and the standard ZP leading edge aids opening, glide, and flare performance. We wanted a wing that would provide excellent glide, but also yield slow-speed maneuverability and we hope you agree that the IBEX’s deep brake behavior and lower-end flare is worthy.



Two standard Mini-Vents encourage a faster and more progressive inflation. To tune your openings, choose the size and type of pilot chute and slider that works best for your gear configuration, and adjust your airspeed before deployment. Wingsuit BASE openings can be complex, and every jumper’s flying style, body weight, and wingsuit type contributes different variables - we will be happy to help you dial in the perfect settings for your gear and help you to find the ideal setup for consistently fast but comfortable openings.



The IBEX is specifically designed for terminal slider-up wingsuit BASE jumps. It is acceptable for only occasional slider-off use by experienced jumpers. Both the Spectra and Dacron line sets have been tested for slider-off use, but the IBEX is not designed to be used by low-experience jumpers for slider-off BASE jumps. The IBEX is not designed to be used for static line BASE jumps.



Porcher Sport PN9 is the industry standard for lightweight and low-bulk parachutes, and while the IBEX is special in a few ways, it is not a wild departure from other similar canopies in its class. The weight and pack volumes remain consistent with other modern lightweight BASE parachutes. Please note that the IBEX packs into a low-volume configuration and must only be used in appropriately sized containers.

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