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Wingsuit Mount

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Dekunu’s goal is to create a device that seamlessly threads information and awareness into skydiving. A device so intelligent it collects and interprets key insights from your jumps. With One, that goal is becoming a reality.
Say hello to the future of altimeters. 


Much more than just an altimeter. It’s a super accurate alti, 3D location tracker, flight analyser and a situational awareness engine with big data insights. This and more - all rolled into One.


Know More

One is the altimeter you'll look back at and wonder how you jumped without it. Sophisticated GPS and other telemetry you used to only have access to when you sat next to the pilot. Plane and canopy flight data in real time, on your wrist, the moment you need it.


Progress More

After you land, your data awaits. Freefall time, speed, glide ratio and rate of descent. Plus Dekunu innovations like jump-path mapping, G-force, and swoop and landing zone analysis.


Challenge More

Get more in-depth reports and comparisons by connecting to our online portal. Your flight analysis is uploaded wirelessly to our platform - get ready to take your skydiving game to the next level.

Share More

All your jump data is synced to our cloud - from there you can view, analyse, share and compare. Connect with a global community of jumpers, track your personal bests, and share your records and achievements.

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Skydive. Analyze. Progress.

B.A.S.E. Mode

Turn your One on. Arrive at your exit point. Press start. Jump. High speed logging starts and the screen displays the wingsuit freefall interface. Logging stops when you land and upload to the Dekunu cloud when you are next connected. Data will be processed with the same intelligent awareness algorithms used for skydiving.


---------------------Tech Specs-------------------

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Resistive touchscreen (works with gloves)

Water resistant

Customisable LED colours

Automatically updated local time

Holds emergency contact info

Messaging alerts to users from dropzones

Multiplayer games on the way to height (not available at launch)

Local weather reports with wind speed, wind direction, temp, sunset

Quick jump stat reviews after every jump

Wireless syncing

Remote OTA (Over The Air) software updates regularly

All encompassing data capture platform

Anti-theft security

Multiple Device Modes 
Skydiving, Wingsuiting, BASE jumping, more to come

Plane Mode
Ground speed, airplane heading, horizontal distance to/from takeoff location, takeoff direction, climb rate and estimated time to altitude

Freefall Mode
Colour height indicators, large altitude display, user input disabled

Wingsuit Mode
Glide ratio, tracking direction, ground speed, altitude display

Canopy Mode
Compass direction, ground speed, colour height indicators, altitude display

Find the DZ Mode
For when you land off

View stats, plot your canopy flight function, unlimited synchronised jumps, horizontal, vertical and path distances, opening g-forces, max/min. speed, deployment heights, glide ratios

Artificial horizon, compass and speedo

Post-Jump Reporting 
Jump path mapping, g-force analysis, rate of descent and much more


Dekunu ONE 
Model DAO-11.2-SR3
DOM Sep 2018
Global Parts
Designed in Australia
Assembled in Australia



Barometer 1       

Barometer 2                               

3-axis Gyroscope                      

3-axis Magnetometer

3-axis Accelerometer               

Temperature sensor

Bluetooth 4.2 ultra low-power





Height: Feet, Metres

Ground Speed: Knots, Kph, Mph

Wind Speed: Knots, Kph, Mph

Distance: Metric, Imperial

Temperature: Celsius, Fahrenheit


2GB Micro SD card - Class 10


Entirely wireless experience


1800mAh Li-polymer - rechargeable via micro USB

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buttons and




In the box

Dekunu One

Hard protective case

USB charge cable


Quickstart Guide

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