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M3 is now available: Cookie’s impact-rated, open-face helmet

After extensive research, design and testing, we are proud to announce the release of the newest product in our line-up: Cookie M3—our low-volume, sleek yet simple, open-face helmet that is impact certified in accordance with the newest European skydiving helmet safety standard.

Who was this helmet designed for?
Our new M3 helmet has a broad range of end users. Our minimalistic styling boasts a list of new product features. We anticipate it will be popular with:

  • Instructors

  • Canopy pilots

  • Skydivers looking for greater protection

  • Skydivers buying their first helmet

  • Student skydivers

  • Wind tunnel students

  • Military training

  • Anyone who wants to look bad-ass cool ☺

Cookie M3 features and benefits
To achieve our impact certification, yet maintain a low exterior volume, the Cookie M3 features an ABS exterior shell and an internal liner constructed with expandable poly-propylene (EPP).

The average weight of the Cookie M3 is 600 grams (1.43 pounds). It comfortably holds two audible altimeters, and the chinstrap design makes it easy to adjust while securing any excess webbing. The moisture-wicking liner has a stylised finish and comfort check pads that vary in thickness according to helmet size. While the liners are extremely durable, they are also easily exchangeable by the user.

Three exterior shell sizes combined with the liners ensure a close fit for all. We offer the Cookie M3 in the following sizes:

  • XS (53 – 54 cm / 20¾ – 21¼ inches)

  • SM (54 – 56 cm /21¼ – 22 inches)

  • M (56 – 57 cm / 22 – 22½ inches)

  • L (57 – 59 cm / 22½ – 23¼ inches)

  • XL (59 – 60 cm / 23¼ – 23¾ inches)

  • XXL (60 – 62 cm / 23¾ – 24½ inches)

The M3 is available in black, white, blue and red; we plan to add lime green and charcoal to the fleet soon.

Impact rating details
The M3 complies to the newly developed Skydiving Helmet Standard XP S 72-600. This standard requires the design of the helmet to comply with a list of technical requirements. Below is an abbreviated list of the XP S 72-600 technical requirements. The Cookie M3 conforms to this standard under EU Regulation 2016/425:

  • Impact testing all areas at 5.42m/s < 250G in varying environmental conditions (e.g, hot, cold and artificial aging)

  • Snag testing to ensure a parachute line cannot be caught by the helmet

  • One-handed buckle release under load (For this test, a 50kg load is applied to the chinstrap, which must release with one hand.)

  • Chinstrap retention

  • Coverage and roll off for secure fit

  • Chemical testing of the liner to ensure contact with skin cannot cause injury

  • Instructions in the following languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish

Our M3 Certificate of Compliance to XP S 72-600 is available upon request, as is documentation for Material Compliance and Certificate of Production. A link to our M3 Declaration of Conformity is on our web site under Support.

At the rear of the helmet is a CE sticker that should not be removed. Removal of this sticker will void any product warranties.

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