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MSRP $1,850 USD


Magellan-EVO is our take on a popular mid-range semi-elliptical class of canopies. We made it consistently stable and predictable, but we never forgot what our sport is all about – fun!

Magellan-EVO offers:

  • comfortable, consistent openings

  • soft and easy to master steering

  • good gliding performance

  • easy on front risers

  • powerful flare

  • good swoop performance at higher wing loading

Magellan EVO – the most versatile canopy, perfect for beginners as well as seasoned canopy pilots. Magellan-Evo is built on THE MOST efficient 9-cell, intermediate canopy platform on the market today. Magellan has nice and soft, on-heading openings with no more than necessary altitude loss.

The most demanding canopy pilots will immediately notice and love light front risers, responsive rear risers and very powerful flare. Evo platform gives Magellan unapparelled ability to penetrate into the wind, make it back from long spots and swoop like no other canopy it it’s class! It is recommended not to exceed 2.5 lbs/sq.ft wing loading on Magellan Evo.


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