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Need help measuring and are local? Give us a call to schedule a measuring session & consultation.

The "Marvel" model is the latest generation of flight suits specifically designed to meet the requirements of the best flyers in the world. Our developers were inspired by the latest textile innovations to achieve a technical and very high quality suit. The Marvel has been developed to feel like a "second skin", through its technical and ergonomic design that works in synchrony with the range of muscles and movements of the joint. This suit has a unique ability to fully "stretch" which is a necessary specialised tool to fly many hours in tunnel sessions without feeling any constraints.

An initial suit adjustment (in case the fit is not perfect) is FREE and fully supported by Boogie Man with your purchase of a Marvel.

Also note that, in addition to your model, a second suit will be cut and archived at Boogie Man. 

It will have your customised pattern and be dedicated to your measurements. If you would like to order another Marvel model in the future, we could then either:

  • make very specific adjustments directly onto your personalised pattern,

  • guarantee a model that is 100% identical to a version ordered later.

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