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MSRP $2,630 USD



The ICARUS NEOS is the finest high performance canopy in the market today. Its innovative aerodynamic and structural design characteristics, the new Advanced Rib Construction bracing, the innovative Synchronized Inflow Control System and the Enhanced Ram Air Stabilizers mark a new era in ram air canopy design technology.


Fly a NEOS and you will no longer question your openings. On deployment you will have a reliable, soft and on heading opening. You will also experience excellent glide, especially during rear riser flight. A fully elliptical plan form shape makes it exceptionally responsive to your input. During flight feel the rigidity of the advanced design with a solid wing over your head. Front riser pressure is mild, which makes a NEOS easy to fly for a full day of jumping. The NEOS feels like a fully X-braced elliptical wing even though the center 3-cells are the only cells with ARC Bracing. On approach the NEOS feels incredibly rigid. You are able to make your turn to final, adjust your approach with front risers, trim on rears and your toggles will have a powerful shutdown. The NEOS also has a surprising pack volume, which is much smaller than typical X-Braced canopies.

NEOS is simply superior canopy design, technology and innovation all rolled into one wing. Incredible openings, speed, fun piloting, responsive to input, swooping power and small pack volume…NEOS has it ALL!

Recommended Wing Loading: 1.8 to 2.4 PSF

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