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PD Optimum Reserve

Optimum Reserve


MSRP $1,960 USD


The Optimum Reserve is made from a 30 denier low-permeability, low-bulk fabric available exclusively from Performance Designs. We've combined this fabric with special aerodynamics and extensive reinforcing to create great strength, better performance, and a far smaller pack volume for a given size. The Optimums are rated for maximum exit weights ranging from 220 pound to as much as 290 pounds! This reserve has successfully been drop-tested at weights and speeds considerably higher than those required for FAA certification according to TSO C23d, the highest standard to-date. The Optimum flies and lands far more like a main parachute with a more powerful flare, by a wide margin, than any reserve we have ever tried.

PD Optimum Reserve

Technical Information:


  • Sizes 99, 106, 113, 126, 143, 160, 176, 193, 218, 235, 253

  • 7-cell reserve canopy

  • PD’s proprietary low bulk 30 denier fabric

  • Microline

  • Packs one size smaller than most traditional fabric reserves

  • Available only in Orange



  • Incredible flare and stopping power

  • More forgiveness on landing

  • Prompt, yet smooth openings even at terminal deployment speeds

  • Enhanced aerodynamics for reduced opening forces

  • Great flight characteristics, flies more like a main

Great for:


  • Anyone!

  • Individuals seeking a low pack volume reserve

  • Individuals looking for a docile, predictable reserve with outstanding flight characters and a powerful, easy flare

PD Optimu Reserve
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