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This model is available in:

• Sky Suit • Two Piece • Tunnel Suit• FF Pants • Swoop • Camera Suit • Camera 2 Piece • Camera Jacket • Orbit Option

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Starting at

– Sky Suit Standard $360
– Sky Suit Shorty $340
– Two Piece Standard $375
– Two Piece Shorty $355
– Tunnel Standard $430
– Tunnel Shorty $410

– FF Pants $215
– Swoop $205
– Camera Suit $475
– Camera Suit 2 Piece $499
– Camera Jacket $325

The Ozone is just like a Liquid Original but with side stripes. This model is recommended for people that don’t want or need a fitted suit or just like the old school look. Usually for the bigger or heavier flyer – take advantage of the power of the straight cut and the baggy cut is recommended if you are a very heavy faller and need extra drag. We also offer this model in TAPERED FIT but it will not have enough articulation as other models. Please be very careful if you choose tapered, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INSUFFICIENT FLEXIBILITY WITH THIS MODEL!!!

For Coaches or AFF Instructors the ORBIT option is awesome! This suit cut allows you to choose a variation of drag from a straight cut to a baggy cut by simply zipping up or zipping down the sleeves or legs of your suit. Its Awesome, SUPER powerful and makes your suit even more perfect and versatile. This model does not include Shirt laterals.

Ozone Sky Suits

Cut Styles:

  • Straight, Baggy or Orbit

  • Shorty Cut: Short arms and legs

Suit includes:

  • Double layer butt

  • Racing collar

  • Spandex lower back

  • Shirt pocket

  • Elastic arm cuffs and leg cuffs

  • Spandex crotch

  • Spandex laterals

  • Snap button chest flap


*Camera suits or jackets do not include spandex laterals.

Ozone Tunnel Suits

Made with 4-ply taslon in a wide variety of colors, with stripes on arms and legs.

Cut Styles:

  • Straight or Baggy

  • Shorty Cut: Short arms and legs

Suit includes:


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