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MSRP $2,900 USD

From openings to landings, the Pulse is stress-free fun. It is a lightly-elliptical 9-cell canopy designed for the novice to experienced fun jumper. Pack volume has been reduced significantly by combining our proprietary low bulk fabric technology with our well-known Zero-P fabric. The Pulse offers soft, consistently on-heading openings with a shorter snivel. It has a very flat glide, short recovery arc, and easy landings. It is highly responsive, very capable, and lots of fun to fly!

Technical Information:


  • Sizes 107, 120, 135, 150, 170, 190, 210, 230, 260

  • 9-cell canopy

  • Zero Porosity (ZP) top skin with PD’s proprietary low-bulk fabric bottom skin

  • Vectran lines

  • Packs up one size smaller than similar-sized Zero Porosity (ZP) canopy

  • Ribs and Bottom panels are only available in White



  • Soft openings with short snivel

  • Forgiving openings

  • Very flat glide

  • Short recovery arc

  • Easy to pack

  • Easy to time flare

  • For Novice to Experienced jumpers

  • Ribs 2R-18R and Bottom panels 1B-9B are only available in White

Great for:


  • Novice to Experienced skydivers

  • Wingsuiting

  • Getting back from long spots

  • Individuals who are learning or who have issues packing

  • Individuals looking for a canopy that has a low pack volume

  • Flat packing

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