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Rebel Freebird

Starting at $1825 USD

About the Rebel Free Bird

The wingsuit to honor Dean Potter, a long-time friend and fellow wingsuit-lover.

The Rebel Freebird (also known as the Rebel 3) is in a class of its own. The third iteration of the famous Rebel builds on the legacy of the original and is without question one of the largest and highest performance wingsuits available. Whether it's for short exits or XRW formations, there is no other wingsuit available that can match the Rebel 3's range, glide performance, and ease of use.


Pilot Gary Connery was fundamental in the creation of the wingsuit, in 2012 he flew to Florida to meet Tony and ask him to build a suit he could land. The Rebel 1 was born and helped Gary become the first person to successfully land a wingsuit in May 2012! The resulting suit had maximized surface area, thick cambered profiles, and high arm sweep.


The Rebel 3 retains many design features of the original Rebel, like the higher arm sweep but the wing profiles and wing planform have been further refined. The arm wing trailing edge has been modified to increase forward speed. The leg wing has been extended increasing drive and lift.

Thick cambered profiles help improve the slow speed characteristics of the suit and help make the Rebel 3 the fastest suit to start flying after exit, period. Ask Julien or Uli. The thick profiles also offer excellent stability and reduced arm pressure.

The Rebel 3 is still a fun and easy to fly suit for qualified wingsuit pilots. Whether it is for short BASE exits, performance flying or XRW the Rebel 3 can do it with ease.

High speed flight takes a little more skill with the Rebel although it can be done as Tony proved by winning the 2012 WBR. The suits inherent stability can be a hindrance for some pilots who prefer a more aggressive agile flying style, in this case we recommend the Jedei .

Rebel Free Bird Highlights

For BASE flights the "Zip-in-rig" system allows the bottom skin of the suit to be shaped as a single surface, without being obstructed and distorted by the harness. As a result the arm wings are sewn 100% to the suit allowing the size of the wings to be increased and greatly reducing drag on the surface of the suit. This has created a massive "free" performance increase with no compromise in stability or safety. For skydiving the cable system is used to thread the harness outside the suit.

Despite its increased surface area the Rebel is one of the "lightest" suits available in terms of arm resistance, thanks to the suit's incredible pressurization and the lower wing loading that is a result of the increased surface area. With airlocked arm and leg wings, it requires very little effort to hold in a position of best glide and speed. With the Rebel just relax and give the suit gentle inputs to get where you want to go.

If you are an expert wingsuit pilot looking for the cutting edge in exit performance, glide ratio and speed range then this is the suit for you. Whether it is for short exits or XRW formation the Rebel 3 will do you proud. There is no other wingsuit available that can match the Rebel 3s range, glide performance, and ease of use.

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Rebel Freebird Features

Cable System

The new cable system makes our expert suits even easier to use for BASE & skydiving. For skydiving the main lift webs sit outside the suit giving clean access to the emergency handles. For BASE the MLWs are inside the suit reducing drag.

Leading Edge

The arm wing leading edge incorporates semi-rigid foam inserts to improve the air flow over the arm wing and increase performance.

Escape Sleeve

Reach your toggles without unzipping. There is no need for a release system, thanks to the carefully tailored arm sleeve design you can reach up and immediately grab your risers/toggles after opening

Air Locked Inlets

Standard on all TonySuits are our industry leading air locked inlets offering fast and rock solid pressurization.

Zip In Rig

TonySuits are now even easier to attach and use thanks to the ingenious zip in rig system.


Zips installed in the arm and leg wings allow the amount of pressurization to be varied. By opening the zips the amount of pressurization is reduced, useful for dialing in your suit performance to match a flock or to follow students.

Fast Back

For an extra performance boost the fast back option is available - the fast-back is a large full length deflector that inflates on the back of the suit, streamlining the parachute container form to improve the air flow over the back of the suit. The fast-back has also been re-tailored to allow even cleaner PC access.

Extended Leg Zips

If you have difficulty reaching down to unzip your leg wing then you will find this option useful, the zip pull is extended up the side of the leg making unzipping easier and quicker.

Base Booties

The BASE sole option is for BASE jumpers who wish to have more grip on the exit point. The BASE soles are heavy duty studded rubber pads that are attached to the normal leather bootie, ideal for improving your footing on top of the mountain.

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