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MSRP $1,800 USD


Skipper-EVO offers:

  • soft and consistent openings

  • easy and safe controls

  • moderate descend and sufficient horizontal speed

  • high stability in turbulent air

  • good flare

  • low packing volume


Remarkable performance data were achieved due to use of the unique in its class technological solutions:

  • high, as for 7-cell, aspect ratio

  • planform similar to that of 9-cell canopies

  • special design of air intakes, that reduces deformation of the skin

Skipper EVO – canopy with the unique combination of flight characteristics in its class – perfect choice for wing suite pilots. Due to Evo design, the canopy has softer, but at the same time brisk openings with minimum loss of altitude. Increased glide ratio makes Skipper-EVO a great tool for getting back from that long spot everyone occasionally finds themselves in.


Skipper-EVO can be loaded as light as 1.0 sq.ft/lbs and all the way up to 2.0 sq.ft/lbs. Skipper-Evo is a great first canopy at the lower wing loading. In the middle of wing loading range, canopy pilots will appreciate precise and light front risers. Swoop lovers, that like their wings loaded heavy, will definitely love to fly their Skipper-Evo, using very responsive rear risers.


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