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By Collette Tech

The first indicator for the Hero 5/6/7 is coming soon. This indicator simply mimics the status light on the back of the camera.

One press of the on button provides feedback that the indicator unit is powered on. With the one button record feature on the new Hero cams, a single press to the record button and the SPARK indicator will begin blinking once recording is in progress.

  • Installation is a breeze, just snap the orginal back door off the case and snap the indicator door on in its place.

  • Designed to fit the standard frame for the Hero5/6/7.

  • Runs on a single, commonly available CR2032 coin battery which easily provides 75 hours of continuous service.

  • Unit is equipped with an auto shutoff feature which powers the unit off after 2 hours of no use.A single press to the on button resets this feature.

  • Equipped with a very bright, easy to see, 2100 mcd LED.

  • Gooseneck tubing on the end of the indicator allows the indicator to be easily adjusted into the perfect position.

  • This indicator simply mimics the status light on the camera, no software or firmware updates required to the camera.

  • Housings are constructed from a very durable PA12 nylon plastic.


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