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Speed Suit

Starting at $580 USD

The pursuit of bodyflight in its purest form has created demand for a new breed of suit - one that offers power and flexibility while fitting as tight to your body as possible. The Speed is much more powerful than the Spandex type suits and perfect for those fast dynamic rounds.

Need help measuring and are local? Give us a call to schedule a measuring session & consultation.


Flying type

  • Dynamic flying, any advanced type of flying

  • Optimized for Tunnel flying

Suit Fit

  • Skin tight

  • Very form fitting, like a spandex suit.

Materials & Construction

  • Made with Cordura Naturalle, a Cordura and Lycra blend. This is a very powerful material blend that allows for a second-skin fit combining the power of Cordura and elasticity of Lycra.

  • Windproof YKK zipper on torso and lower leg

  • No mesh lining nor inside pocket. You need to wear a skin-tight base layer under this suit for maximum comfort.

  • Optional integrated G-Form pads on elbows and knees

  • Reinforcement in key areas for extra durability

Standard Options

  • Flexi collar

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