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MSRP $3,250 USD

At the time of its release, the fully-elliptical 9-cell Stiletto was seen as the highest performance canopy available to the expert pilot. With the improvements in canopy control technique over the years, the Stiletto has now become a very popular choice for experienced jumpers across many disciplines. For those who appreciate responsive handling, snappy turns, flat glide, a short recovery arc, and great landing capabilities, the Stiletto is a fun and practical way to enjoy your canopy flight.

Technical Information:


  • Sizes 89, 97, 107, 120, 135, 150, 170, 190

  • 9-cell canopy

  • All Zero Porosity fabric

  • Vectran, HMA, Microline, or Dacron

  • Highly tapered



  • Flat glide

  • Short recovery arc

Great for:


  • Intermediate to Experienced jumpers

  • Getting back from long spots

  • Individuals looking for a step up from the Pulse

  • Individuals looking for a fun-to-fly canopy with extremely responsive toggle input

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