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The Rock

By Collette Tech


For GoPro 5/6/7 on G3, Kiss or Areo Helmets

TheRock is a more traditional non-cutaway mount. However, it still packs some features not seen in other mounts. While it is a very snag resistant design, the mount also includes detentes. These detentes make the angle setting very rigid. You shouldn't be hitting your camera on the exit but let's face it, it happens. This mount will not only reduce snagging hazard but also maintain that perfect angle setting if it does get bumped.

Along with the detentes, there are angle setting marks on the side of the mount. If removing the mount and reinstalling later, your preferred angle setting is easily and quickly repeatable. Checking camera angle on jump run? We all do it....the angle markings quickly let you know that it is set properly.

Because of the rigid angle setting and repeat-ability of the install, some more serious jumpers who film with full face setups have placed a dot on the visor (with something such as a small round sticker) in lieu of a ring sight that you would see on full professional setups. This is great for camera flyers getting outside video on fun jumps, video of team jumps, training jumps, etc. or any jump where you want to ensure you get the shot but don't need or want a full camera setup.

Install with this mount is also a breeze. The kit comes with all necessary hardware including an appropriately sized drill bit and proper alan keys. All you need to provide is a drill to make two small holes for the mounting bolts. Two small bolts through the base and one through the camera case have this mount ready to go to work.


Note on case compatibility:

This model is intended to fit the Hero5/6/7 dive housing and will also fit the Hero5/6/7 frame. This model will also fit the Hero4 but only if using the slimline housing.

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