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UC3 BaseR


Standard Features

T.S.O.'d Harness – What does this mean? It means with a compatible belly mount reserve (Also must be T.S.O.'d) you can legally jump from a plane. Yes you heard that right. UC3 BaseR is the only BASE rig that you can do that with.  This allows you to safely learn and train from a plane.  The newest version of the BaseR has removable chest & lateral rings for the belly mount. So when you go for normal BASE jumps, you can remove the rings. Or you could keep them on and use them for climbing as anchor points for rope.

2 Pin FREE Flap – This flap offers full bridle and pin protection unlike any other BASE rig. This flap tucks into both side flaps and has a tuck tab at the top and a bridle cover at the bottom. With this symmetrical design, you will always have a clean deployment in any orientation. For very short delays, you could even use the flap as a cover without tucking it in.

Magnetic Riser Covers – New to BASE containers, these magnets hold the riser covers closed until they are supposed to open. Bullet proof at terminal in all attitudes, yet open with the greatest of ease. Even with magnets, we still maintained the Narrow Over the Shoulder comfort.

Release Handle / Cut Away Handle

Risers – The risers that come with your BaseR package are standard type 8 risers with Velcro toggles and line release loop. You can order small or large rings, cadmium or stainless. As an option you can order reverse risers for BASE jumping, but we do not recommend them for skydiving.

Quick Grab Toggles – These are Velcro toggles with bungee chord in it to make them easy to grab quickly, yet softer than toggles with cables in them.

Pilot Chutes – Available in 5 sizes; 32”, 36”, 38”, 42”, 46” Available with a standard pvc tube or hackey for the smaller skydiving PC’s. Or a BASE hat handle with or without vents. We use large mesh for the bottom of the PC’s and small mesh for the vents.


Stainless Steel or Black Stainless – Everything on the rig becomes stainless except the chest mount reserve attachment rings. These do not come in stainless.

Pinstripes – These are nice highlights on the sidewall or on the back two stripes..

Custom Embroidery – We can do simple names to company logo’s.

Reserve Container – A chest mount pop top, like in the Good Ol Days! Small and lightweight, these containers come in a couple of sizes. It is required to put a TSO’d round reserve in this system.

26′ LoPo Reserve – Probably the most popular round reserve currently being made is the Strong LoPo.

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