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UPT Vector


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Vector 353      Serial #84238       18 +1     Due: Dec 5th, 2024
Reserve - 193/218/235       Main - 230lpv, 210, 190, 170- UPT Container Sizing Chart - Click Here
Human Size - 70" - 74" Tall.          Chest Measurement - 37"-43".             Weight - 175-220lbs



V3 Red.png

Vector 350      Serial #84239       17.5 +1      Due: Dec 5th, 2024
Reserve - 176/193       Main - 210lpv, 190, 170, 150 - UPT Container Sizing Chart - Click Here
Human Size - 68" - 72" Tall.          Chest Measurement - 37"-43".             Weight - 165-200lbs



V3 Red.png

Vector 350      Serial #84240       17.5 +1      Due: Dec 5th, 2024
Reserve - 176/193       Main - 210lpv, 190, 170, 150 - UPT Container Sizing Chart - Click Here
Human Size - 68" - 72" Tall.          Chest Measurement - 37"-43".             Weight - 165-200lbs



V3 Royal.png

Vector 348      Serial #84241       17.5 +1      Due: Dec 5th, 2024
Reserve - 160/176       Main - 190lpv, 170, 150, 135 - UPT Container Sizing Chart - Click Here
Human Size - 68" - 72" Tall.          Chest Measurement - 37"-43".             Weight - 165-200lbs



V3 Royal.png

Your Vector, your way.

The Vector 3 and Micron from UPT are the most comprehensive, most feature rich and best-selling containers on the market. With a wide range of options to suit every user and every budget, we’ll make sure that your container is truly tailored to you.

Built in our ISO: 9001 certified factory, we ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship combined with the latest advancements in skydiving technology.

When you jump your Vector 3, you can do so knowing that you’re jumping the very best.

Standard Features

Your brand new Vector 3 comes loaded with lots of great features, including: Standard Deluxe Backpad, Magnetic Riser Covers, one or two piece Leg Pads, standard or low profile metal D Handle with a Spectra ripcord, soft Cutaway Handle, plastic deployment handle and your choice of colors.

Deluxe BackPad
Magnetic Riser Covers
Metal D-Handle
One Peice Leg Pad

Closely behind the three ring release system, the Skyhook RSL is one of the greatest skydiving innovations from our founder, Bill Booth.

Effectively using the malfunctioning main canopy as a pilot chute for the reserve, the Skyhook RSL dramatically speeds up the process of deploying a reserve canopy after cutting away a malfunctioning main canopy.

Due to the nature of its design, it is effective in both high, and low-speed malfunctions and is suitable for all types of jumping, including camera flying.

The Skyhook RSL is strongly recommended as an optional extra for all new Vector 3 containers.

Vector 3 Options

Everybody’s different, and we love that. That’s why we offer a number of options for your brand new Vector 3 to make sure you get a container as unique as you are.

Contrast Stiching
All containers come standard with binding tape stitching matching the color of the binding tape. With contrast stitching, it is sewn with a contrasting color of your choice to add some flair to your container.
JC Stitching
Random stitch pattern sewn on the panels requested. The stitch patterns vary by container, so each one is unique!
Center Flap Piping
Add a bit of detail to your center stripes by breaking them up with piping!
Black Hardware
Give your rig a stealthy look with black hardware!
Back Pad
Deluxe BackPad
The Standard Deluxe Backpad is our standard option. It is available in cordura or parapak, and can be either padded for comfort, or unpadded for less bulk.
3D Spacer Foam Backpad
Adds comfort and breathability with a multi-piece padded mesh design. This feature is also added to the leg pads.
Babylon Backpad
The benefits of 3D spacer foam, with the durability of cordura. Babylon uses the same padded configuration as the spacer foam option, but has a cordura covering to protect from dirt and wear.
Variable Geometry Harness
Also referred to as VGH, or hip rings, gives added flexibility and range of motion by allowing the harness to hinge at the waist.
Two Piece Leg Pads
Contoured for comfort, our two-piece leg pads are sleek and trim to keep your leg pads snug against your body in even the fastest flying positions. The two-piece leg pads are only available with the Variable Geometry Harness.
One Piece Leg Pad
The one-piece leg pads wrap all the way around your leg and have padding between the hip hardware (if VGH harness) and your body. One-piece leg pads are available on both VGH and non-VGH harnesses.
Turned In Leg Pad
Sewn with a reverse seam, to add cushion and increase comfort while in the air and while on the ground.
2" Off The Top
For those with smaller legs or anyone who wants their hardware a little higher up. We offer -2 off the top. This option reduces the short, front part of the leg pad by 2 incheswaist.
Standard Stabilizers
Rigid stabilizers sewn to the main lift web.
UPT_PaddedStabilizers copy.jpg
Padded Stabilizers
Foam padding on the standard hard stabilizer for added comfort. Foam can either be mesh, or cordura covered. Available only with the spacer foam or Babylon style backpads.
Soft Stabilizers
Padding wrapped directly around the harness webbing, the soft stabilizers add one more level of comfort by removing the hard outer material. This allows for the stabilizer to be a bit more flexible and to hug the body better.
Large Ring w/Type 8
More commonly used on student gear or parachute systems with larger canopies (220 and above).
Type 17
Type 17 risers with Mini Rings are the most widely used option with sport harnesses.
Reserve Deployment
Soft Handle
Soft, low profile pillow handle.
UPT_MetalDHandle copy.jpg
Metal 'D' Handle
Standard metal handle
Connects your reserve pin to your main risers, so when your main is cutaway, your reserve pin is automatically pulled.
Is a MARD (main assisted reserve deployment), which is an enhancement to the RSL that extracts your reserve canopy from the bag significantly faster than a standard reserve deployment by using the main canopy as the reserve pilot chute.
Louie Loops
Reinforced front dive loops for ease of grabbing your fronts! All of our risers come standard with front dive loops, but Louie Loops take that one step farther allowing the loops to be more pronounced and easier to grab.
Louie Loops Low Drag
Looking for that extra speed and distance? Low drag risers help you get there by reducing the surface area, thus minimizing parasitic drag. Louie Loops are included with them.
Mini 'D'
Metal D handle, but the height is reduced to accommodate shorter main lift web, or just personal preference.
Spectra Ripcord
Spectra is extremely strong and is also retractable, allowing for more force when deploying your reserve. Only available with a Skyhook or RSL.
Low Profile 'D'
Metal D handle that does not protrude as far as the standard D to reduce the risk of being snagged, while still allowing you to hook your thumb into it when pulling.
Metal Ripcord
Standard ripcord
Main Deployment
Stowed Bag
Standard rubber band stowed bag with stows on the closing flap.
U-Stowed Bag
Semi stowless bag option with pocket for stacking the lines into.
V-Stow Bag
Similar to the U Stow, but the V stow allows for the pocket to open up to easily fold the lines in.
F111 Pilot Chute
Provides less oscillation during deployment.
ZP Pilot Chute
Provides quicker extraction during deployment.
Plastic Handle
Lightweight and easy to grab.
Monkey Fist Handle
Can be either standard monkey fist, or with freefly tab (as shown) for added security at an additional cost.
Hackey Handle
Can be either standard hackey, or with freefly tab (as shown) for added security at an additional cost.
Freefly Handle
Low profile with and additional tab for extra security.
Dynamic Corners
Folding corners on the main tray that allow for the tray to open completely flat allowing for a smooth deployment.
Wingsuit Bridle
Longer bridle to allow the deployment bag to get fully out of the burble of the wingsuit when deploying.
30" Pilot CHute
Larger pilot chute for faster extraction from the main tray.
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