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MSRP- Hybrid Valkyrie (sail) $4,250 USD
Std Slider- NC  //  RDS Slider $270 // Both Sliders $395


All Zero-P Valkyrie
The Valkyrie builds on the dominating performance of the Peregrine and is designed as a step up from the Comp Velocity. Unlike the Peregrine, the Valkyrie was intended for freefall use, so the opening performance was a major consideration in the development of the canopy. And the openings on the Valkyrie are superb! Not to mention, it is simply a blast to fly. Whether you're filming tandems all day or dedicated to canopy piloting, the Valkyrie will reinvigorate the everyday jump and excite even the most passionate canopy pilots. We loved making it. You're going to love flying it.


Hybrid Valkyrie (Sail)
You love your Valkyrie. You’ve been jumping her for the past two years. She gives you the buttery smooth openings, responsiveness, and power you crave! But you’re ready for more…and we’re ready to give it to you! Introducing the Hybrid Valkyrie – everything you love about the Valkyrie but more. We incorporated sail fabric into the ribs to give her more power, more responsiveness, and longer swoops than a standard construction Valkyrie. Think of her as a “Valkyrie on steroids” with more sensitivity in the harness and more stopping power than ever before. Available as an option when purchasing a custom wing, the sail ribs are a great addition for a seasoned or first-time Valkyrie owner. When choosing between the All ZP and Hybrid Valkyrie, keep in mind that the sail ribs will increase pack volume by about a half size in comparison to the All ZP Valkyrie. The overall lifespan of the canopy is similar to that of an all-ZP wing.

Technical Information:

  • Sizes 67, 71, 75, 79, 84, 90, 96, 103

  • 7-cell canopy with:

  • Inflatable stabilizers/wingtips

  • Tail ribs

  • Material

  • Zero Porosity (ZP)

  • Hybrid Sail Material

  • Orange Vectran lines

  • Collapsible channel slider and/or RDS slider


  • NOT intended as a first cross-braced canopy

  • Highly responsive to all inputs

  • Powerful rear riser performance

  • Great stopping power/shut down

  • Smooth openings

Great for:

  • HIGHLY experienced cross-braced canopy pilots

  • Expert canopy pilots

  • Getting back from long spots

  • Camera flyers

  • Terminal and Sub-terminal deployments

  • Individuals looking for a high performance canopy for competition

  • Individuals who have mastered their current cross-braced canopy and are looking for the next step in performance

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