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Sabre 2

MSRP $2,850 USD


The Sabre2 is a powerful semi-elliptical 9-cell canopy that is a great choice for current intermediate and experienced jumpers. Our most popular all-around canopy, the Sabre2 feels aggressive at higher wing loadings but is quite tame when lightly loaded. This canopy is best known for its powerful flare and wide speed range. With neat packing and proper deployment technique, Sabre2 openings are consistently soft and predictable. The Sabre2 has a steeper glide and a longer recovery arc than the flatter gliding Pulse or Stiletto and is an excellent choice for those wanting a bit more aggressive piloting experience but are not interested in the demands of the Katana or Velocity.

Technical Information:


  • Sizes 97, 107, 120, 135, 150, 170, 190, 210, 230, 260

  • 9-cell canopy

  • All Zero Porosity fabric

  • HMA, Vectran, Microline, or Dacron



  • Long recovery arc

  • Steep glide

  • Powerful bottom-end flare

Great for:


  • Novice to Intermediate skydivers at lighter wing loads

  • Advanced to Expert skydivers at heavier wing loads

  • Learning the basics of high performance canopy piloting at heavier wing loads (under appropriate supervision)

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