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MSRP $2,920 USD

With great openings and a powerful flare, the Storm is truly a 7-cell that thinks it's a 9-cell. While in some ways similar to the Spectre, the Storm has a shorter snivel, a steeper and faster glide, wider speed range and more dynamic flare. Looking for a reliable canopy that will keep you challenged? Have you been searching for the perfect wingsuit canopy? Considering some occasional CF, but not ready to buy a second canopy? The Storm is a great option for you.

Technical Information:


  • Sizes 97, 107, 120, 135, 150, 170, 190, 210, 230

  • 7-cell canopy

  • All Zero Porosity (ZP) fabric

  • Microline or Dacron



  • Casual CF Kit includes:

    • 3 Pilot Chute Attachments

    • Retractable Bridle System

    • Continuous Center A Lines

    • Choice of Red or White center A Dacron lines



  • Soft openings with long snivel

  • Steep glide

  • Long recovery arc

  • Long control range

  • Powerful bottom-end flare

Great for:


  • Novice to Intermediate skydivers at lighter wing loads

  • Advanced to Expert skydivers at heavier wing loads

  • Wingsuiting

  • Individuals looking for a casual CReW canopy

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